Aden is a data driven User Experience Designer with strong product thinking, currently leading the UX work streams on Facebook for Business, Small Business web team focusing on building marketing focused products for millions of Small Businesses and Advertisers.

My works primarily involve building mobile-first web-based products for Facebook for Business, Small Business segment with a test & learn mindset. Our primary focuses are helping millions of top-of-funnel Small Businesses on Facebook and Instagram platforms to establish an online presence and grow towards their business goals.

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our dishes are not a list of ingredients, they're a blend of techniques, cultures and passion

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Product design

Create an innovative shopping experience with social media integration aimed to encourage people to share their unique fashion sense.

Product Manager, UX / UI Designer

Design System

Project Puffin, a modular email design system to serve 260mil Facebook Small Businesses & Advertisers.

Product Lead, Product Designer


Optimize Facebook for Business Marketing Experts signup experience.

Product Designer

Timeless flavours


Branding Case study

A local produce company marketing campaign that is full of young spirit.

Visual Designer


Branding / ar case study

Reimagining the way we use mobile devices through the lens of our eyes.

Visual designer



Lead Experience Designer

Facebook for Business, Small Business Group
Facebook, Menlo Park

Product Communications Designer

Facebook, Menlo Park

Visual Designer

Facebook, Menlo Park

Digital Designer

AW. Design

Supply Specialist

U.S. Army, Fort Hood, TX


From the beginning, Aden has been a self-starter who has worked with me to improve the quality and precision of the creative that our design team made. Our landing pages, emails, and Facebook ads have all benefited from Aden’s attention to detail. Whenever there is a roadblock, I can always rely on Aden to pick up the extra slack, be it UX development, product design, motion graphics, his extensive knowledge of Instagram, and even front-end development when our engineering team found themselves under water. He is truly an asset to the team, and I am happy to have the opportunity work with Aden. Thank you!

Tim O'connel, Creative manager @ Google


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Fashion photography, art direction & content creation.

Photographer, Content Creator



Interior & lifestyle Instagram content creator.

Photographer, Content Creator


My name is Aden Wang

People call me design unicorn 🦄, Instagram husband 📷, giraffe 🦒. You will find-out why I got all those names when you see me in person. Coming from a diverse background of design, business and military which allows me to have empathy towards diverse culture, people and things. Im currently working at Facebook as a lead experience designer on the business sector mainly focus on small business initiatives. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of Facebook to all small businesses so that they can begin using our products to grow their business.

My design career started in a tent thousands of miles away in Kuwait and Iraq during my first deployment in the US Army. I started self-taught front-end development to get my hands wet in the web industry and then pivot into digital design, which ultimately landed my career in UX/UI Design. After the Army, I finished my master degree in web design and a UX Bootcamp to sharpen my design skills.

I started at Facebook as a visual designer in 2018 working on marketing campaigns development. Slowly I transitioned into more advance roles in product communications design. Now I'm leading the UX/UI work-streams on the SMB team. Some of my works are: Small Business homepage, Facebook for Business design system, Small Business marketing email design system, Offline to Online Business Guides, Small Business Plans and Instagram Business Plans, Instagram Promotion Hub.

I'm fueled by the love of my dog, my wife and brown sugar boba milk tea🥛.